Mark Geyer

Mark Geyer

Product Designer

Hi. My name is Mark Geyer. I design, animate, illustrate, and develop stuff.

I work at Salesforce as a Principal Product Designer where I design and build applications from mobile to desktop with a talented group of folks.

I love to build friendly interfaces and shape positive experiences. There's nothing like building something that users can enjoy using and benefit from — to me, that's what it's all about.

Find me posting random works on dribbble, sharing thoughts of my own on twitter, and capturing moments of a thousand words on Instagram. If we've worked together or would like too, let's connect on LinkedIn.

Life is simple. It's meant to be. Sure we need certain things… water, food, love, a roof, espresso… but we naturally over think and analyze to make easy things difficult, complicated things nearly impossible to solve.

Take a step back… breathe. Always see the positives even in negative situations. Clear your mind. Trust your instinct and others. Be a nice person. Simplify!

Thanks for visiting & reading!


I like talking about animation, css, drawing, painting, colors, patterns, creative processes, life, and how they tend to affect how we build UI experiences. Internal to work, I also do a number of talks to help educate and inspire.

My public talks / workshops:

I can speak at your event too! Let me know.